The Drive

by Fireberg

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Fireberg's sophomore release turns it up a notch, with diverse sonic textures, meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies over tastefully danceable beats. Each of the four singers on the EP present a different style and sound but the overall package leaves the listener with a cohesive and lasting impression. The content discusses place, identity, spiritual exploration and the idea of living in the moment while simultaneously seeking the utmost quality of life and basic contentment. Get in the passenger seat, or take the wheel, this drive is gonna be nice and smooth...


released May 23, 2017

Written and Produced by Daniel Berg
Additional Production by Abe Seiferth (Tracks 1-3)
Recorded at Silverman Arts Recording Studio, Long Island City, NY
Additional vocal tracking by Joseph Colmenero at The Cutting Room Studio, New York, NY (Track 2)
Additional Engineering by Nate Christy at Six String Orchestra (Tracks 1 and 2)

Mixed by Abe Seiferth at Transmitter Park Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Joel Lambert at Joel Lambert Mastering, Jersey City, NJ

Cover Artwork by Sarah Witkin
Published by Silverman Arts Publishing Company (BMI)


all rights reserved



Fireberg New York

Electronic and Hip-hop Producer and Keyboardist

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Track Name: The Drive (feat. Daruma Boy)
One could say I’m hiding
Passing through the streets again
I don’t know what I’m trying to find
That tattooed summer heat again
I’m praying that the wind in my face, will help me forget
The lovers that I left behind
It’s truth that I seek, beyond these old streets
In the hometown of my mind
And when I get there, she’ll be waiting,
At paradise within my heart
No expectations for true salvation
The promise of a brand new start

If home is where the heart is
Why’s my soul keep walking out on me
They say the grass is greener
But my heart just can’t dodge this
Feeling I’m not where I’m meant to be

Ooh… Feeling that we’re meant to be
Ooh... Dreaming how we’re meant to dream

We’ve come so far yet we’re scared to be
Where we’re meant to be
The road is long lest we dare to
Dream how we’re meant to dream (Repeat)

My eyes are tired and lonely
Been driving for a long time
I can’t stop in no withering hole
I need a vine where I can climb
Imagine a place where the soil at your feet
Is soft and rich, love is hassle-free
The people you meet smile when they pass you
Working together, we search for peace

The drive, the drive, the drive...
The drive inside, inside your mind, the drive
Track Name: Nowhere Else To Go (feat. Claire Khodara)
There’s a shadow on your face
From the moment we walked in the place
You have to grow, you have to free your soul
Soon you’ll realize that there’s nowhere else to go

You’ve got, you’ve got...
Nowhere else to go

You say, the people here
They don’t understand your mental point-of-view
I think, if you let them in
You would see that we’re all stranded too

All across the world,
Spirits are broken and lost
But we’ve got a chance, to find our own way
Believe me baby, it’s worth the cost

There’s a way
To change our fate
Free your mind
Breath and meditate
Dream with me
Feel the blood that runs through your veins
Love’s got to reign every day

I want you, I want you here
I need you, I need you near
Track Name: Your Light (feat. Black Tortuga)
Let’s go

You’re looking like tomorrow will be lost at last
Grab it with both fists, this one can’t be missed
You only get one lifetime, thank your stars on that (so turn up)
Don’t stop running, babe
Just embrace it
It’s all such a gas

Just give it away
Just give it away
Just give it away (it’s your light)
Just give it away

Running from the light at the break of day
The dream would last forever if the night would only stay
This masquerade has left me ill at ease
Close your eyes
Look inside
And see the beauty underneath

Just give it away (Pull yourself together, get your mind on track)
Just give it away (Waiting right there for you, there’s no turning back)
Just give it away (Don’t you know, it’s your vibe we’re looking for)
Just give it away (O, you can’t lock your heart behind a door)

Get in there baby
Be you & nothing more
This road we tread has its trips & skips & flips & falls
Its laughs & lessons on the way to the wonderful NOW
Promises come cheap—except for one
Excuses are a dime a dozen
Now wishes may come true with a little bit of elbow grease
But even the wicked need some sleep

So tonight we’ll let this fairy tale tell itself
Tonight we’re gonna take a stand against the man
Doctor said you need some “R&R”
That’s rhythm & romance
So take a chance & get lost in the vapors
Dig in & let your cares & worries & fears slip away
Just give it away

Pull yourself together, get your mind on track
Waiting right there for you, there’s no turning back
Don’t you know it’s your vibe we’re looking for?
O, you can’t lock your heart behind a door
Track Name: Myami Rain (feat. J Hoard)
You’ve seen the Sahara
Gotten sand slammed in your eye
You’ve sailed on three oceans
Felt sheltered as seagulls cried

Now you say you need sunshine
And must go to Cali (dreamin’)
But here there is sunshine
So what are you hiding (schemin’)

I know that the rain falls
But don’t be a dummy
The earth shakes you out there
But did Myami?

You should know
The rain falls wherever you go
Be aware
The earth will shake somewhere

You’ve drank in the mountains
Gotten dizzy seeing stars
You’ve swam in three rivers
Against the currents of your heart

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